Project Peace On Earth – About Us

Project Peace On Earth – About Us

Project Peace on Earth is a Los Angeles-based organization promoting what will be a worldwide telecast concert of superstar musicians performing inspiring and sacred music from the some of the most mystical sites on the planet including from the host venue, Manger Square Bethlehem in Palestine

Project-Peace on Earth
 Production and AdvisoryBoard

On a worldwide basis, proceeds from the initial and annual concerts will be used to help children who are living in extreme poverty. Globally, proceeds will be used to implement a series of humanitarian “Extreme Village Make-Over” projects that will address issues of water, food, clothing, shelter, safety, education, health care and economic sustainability.  These efforts will be tracked and reported back to the world through regularly scheduled Internet broadcasts.

My name is Steve Robertson. Since early childhood I’ve had a profound fascination with how music has the ability to give me goose bumps and on occasion, bring tears to my eyes.  Here is my story and twenty-four year journey of bringing Project-Peace on Earth into reality.
“People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song.” – 14th Century Sufi poet Hafiz

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