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Project Peace on Earth was founded for the global promotion and attainment of peace. To ensure sustainability, the for-profit entity is developing and producing events on an annual basis and generating revenues from ticket sales, merchandising, TV/Film development, concert media (DVDs, CDs, downloads) and licensing agreements. To make a positive impact on a large-scale, charitable donations will be generated and channeled through existing and future non-profit entities that will deploy resources across time zones, borders and cultures to bring about real and lasting change. Project Peace on Earth is producing and promoting what will be a worldwide telecast concert of superstar musicians performing inspiring and sacred music from the some of the most mystical sites on the planet including from the host venue, Manger Square Bethlehem in Palestine.


Steve Robertson 
is the Founder and CEO/Executive Producer of Project Peace on Earth and is joined and supported by many of the very top names in MUSIC (Jonathan Elias – Elias Arts; Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan, Mark Isham, Gary Nicholson, Sussan Deyhim, Joanne Shenandoah and many more); FILM (James Cameron, Mark Magidson (BARAKA & SAMSARA), Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist Films), Philippe Diaz – founder/CEO of Cinema Libre Studios, John Viscount (the award winning short film “Admissions”), Shaun Monson (“Earthlings”), George Langworthy (“The Vanishing Bees”) ; DANCE (Riverdance and Bill Whelan);  TELEVISION (Tim Kring, Exec. Producer/Writer of TOUCH and Heroes; Michael Garcia/former Development Director HBO); MOBILE PHONE (Ralph Simon – G8 Summit, Live Earth, World Cup); GLOBAL INTERNET CONCERT AND BROADCAST PRODUCTION (Marc Scarpa); CONCERT PRODUCTION (Brian Thomas/LIVE NATION); BRANDING AND MARKETING (Colin Mangham, The Dailey Brand and Simon Mainwaring – creative director NIKE, Toyota/Prius: National best selling author of WE FIRST); SCIENCE/PHYSICS (Nobel-prize-winning quantum physicist Dr. Brian Josephson); HIGHER EDUCATION (Alexander Astin, PhD UCLA – considered the world’s most widely quoted authority on Higher Education – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Astin  / http://spirituality.ucla.edu/book/ ); FINE ART (Romio Shrestha – famed Buddhist Thangka/Mandala and Davood Roostaei – famed Cryptorealism artist);  HOLISTIC & ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE (Larry Dossey, MD; Thom Lobe, MD); MILITARY VETERAN HEALING (Dr. Edward Tick, best selling author “War and the Soul”): MOBILE MEDICAL VEHICLES /CLINICS (Charles Mello, CEO American Custom Coach); POLITICS (ret. CA SENATOR JOHN VASCONCELLOS from Silicon Valley, former Chairman of Ways and Means, founder of Self-Esteem movement).  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/HUMAN POTENTIAL (Gary Zukav/ Seat of the Soul – 10 Million books sold / Oprah – numerous times; Caroline Myss (million plus copies of Anatomy of the Spirit); Don Miguel Ruiz/ The Four Agreements – 4 Million books / Oprah – numerous times), Gerald Jampolsky MD (founder Center for Attitudinal Healing); MINDFUL MEDITATION (Jack Kornfield PhD, former Buddhist Monk, Mindful Meditation Pioneer and National Best Selling Author – A Path With A Heart); YOGA (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Shiva Rae, Rainbeau Mars); WORLD TRAVEL AND EXPLORATION (Richard Bangs – NY Explores Club / co-founder of Expedia / Co-Founder of Mountain Travel Sobeck – Super VIP Tours);  and the Government of Palestine (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities) and United Nations/UNRWA. STEVE ROBERTSON’s FULL BIO AND MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER SITE

Steve Robertson speaker bio long form

Please note that the original concert date (of 11.11.11) as referenced in this video was changed to and actually produced on Christmas Day – December 25th, 2011  Please Note that per this video message that Christmas Day – December 25th, 2011 – is the new PPOE Concert Date

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