Project Peace On Earth Causes

 Project Peace On Earth Causes


Empowering Children and Families 

On a worldwide basis, proceeds from the initial and annual concerts will be used to help children who are living in extreme poverty. In the Palestinian Territories, half of proceeds from the initial Bethlehem Concert will benefit UNRWA(the United Nations refugee relief program responsible for some 4.7 million Palestinian refugees).  “Tomorrow’s Youth” (based in Nablus, the West Bank) will also be a beneficiary of the concert.  This organization provides a variety of assistance programs to help children who have been traumatized in the wake of military conflicts.

Globally, proceeds will be used to implement a series of future projects: from humanitarian efforts to provide water, food, clothing, shelter, safety, education, health care and economic sustainability to villages, to efforts to help Americans who have fallen through the cracks of society , called “Healing Our Nation.”

These efforts will be tracked and reported back to the world through regularly scheduled Internet broadcasts.

Immediately following the concert, Project-On Earth will also produce a medical conference in the Palestinian Territories that will bring together some of the world’s leading doctors (pediatricians, surgeons, emergency, eye)  as a means of sharing and providing training in the latest treatment protocols and surgical procedures with local doctors in the region.  This Medical conference will also provide free medical and surgical procedures to Palestinians.

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Our nation has reached a critical point which must be addressed in a comprehensive, thoughtful and holistic manner. As U.S. military personnel are increasingly withdrawn from Afghanistan, Iraq etc and leave active duty, tens of thousands of our citizens are faced with the challenges of re-integrating into the civilian society in a matter that is effective and empowers them to transition into meaningful civilian employment, communities and family. These brave young men and women deserve our support. Many of these Vets will have be re-deployed multiple times. The experience of war in distant countries always affects participants. Some will return with suffering from injuries, physical or psychological. All will have been separated from family and community for extensive periods. They may also have left former civilian employment behind while in the service. Returning to civilian life and being able to successfully integrate into civilian social, family and economic life presents many challenges. Today’s employers are the first generation to generally have not had any military experience and who are ignorant of what that entails. Sadly, the evidence is growing that a significant number of the homeless in our major cities are former Vets. We must do a better.

PHASE I :  Online empowerment resources for Veterans and their families …Guided Meditations(Lindsay Wagner), Music for inspiration (Gary Nicholson)- relaxation – sleeping (Tony Salvege)-finding forgiveness (Shanti Music Mission); Videos that address:  Finding One’s true life purpose(Greg Mooers high-tech CEO turned Monk), Overcoming physical and emotional challenges (David Bailey story: 6-time National Motocross Champion), Healing From Substance Abuse (Eric Nies – MTV’s first Reality TV show host), Peace through nature and music (Sacred Earth by Jan Nickman – one of the world’s top nature cinematographers / music by David Arkenstone), Soul/Spiritual awareness films (“I AM” by director Tom Shadyac, of the Jim Carrey film comedy series); Transformational AffirmationsFinancial and Personal/Career Goal setting outlinesProsperity Planning and more be added.  Status:  Currently available and operational here below.  

PHASE II :  Healing Our Nation:  Decommissioned Military Bases (self-contained cities) are converted into support and empowerment centers for returning Veterans.  (a comprehensive description of this plan is available upon request) Status: Planning and Funding Phase.



Medical Missions

In September 2010, Project-Peace on Earth (PPOE) lead by Founder and Ceo Steve Robertson took famed eye surgeon Dr. Paul Dougherty and his surgical team to Palestine as part of PPOE’s humanitarian outreach programs. On September 28-29, 2010; the surgical mission restored sight (free cataract surgeries) to 40 to mostly elderly and indigent refugees in Palestine. Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO and PPOE Steering Committee member, attended the Palestine trip and Directed a soon to be released documentary film called “Visions of Peace”:

September 28-29, 2010 Medical Mission: To deliver free cataract surgical procedures to 40 underprivileged Palestinian people and UNRWA refugees.


Peace In Action

The Peace Has Begun Campaign is a series of pre and post Project-Peace on Earth concert promotional events.  The Peace Has Begun campaign is designed to re-position the word “Peace” from a noun into a verb; as a verb, “Peace” is now transformed into actions that are addressing key social issues that are impacting children, teens, adults, families, schools, communities, and cities throughout the United States and Canada.  A hip double-decker Peace Has Begun bus is the literal promotional vehicle that leads up to and follows the Project-Peace on Earth concert. Two young and dynamic broadcast journalist will travel on the bus interviewing students, people on the street, as well as social and civic leaders to discover positive social changes and the people behind them.   The bus is a moving studio that will feature celebrities, musical groups and global thought leaders who are using their message and talents to promote and enact  local and world peace.  Through sharing these stories with the world, we hope to ignite a passion of possibilities that will inspire each of us to be our best, reach out, connect, and make our world a better place.   In essence, the Peace Has Begun double-decker bus becomes a moving worldwide promotional hub for change and good.  While on the road, stories and concert videos will be continually uploaded to video sharing sites, social networking portals and related Internet websites for distribution to young people, college students and LOHAS demographics.  At Peace Has Begun concert and rallies, attendees will be able to enroll and to participate in activities such as:  mini concerts, meditation and yoga classes and key note talks from a variety of celebrities.   People will also be able to purchase a variety of inspirational products that include: the Peace Has Begun / PPOE Alive Drive and MP3 players that will come with preloaded music and videos, audio-video excerpts from leaders in the fields of Parenting, Domestic Violence Prevention, Self-Esteem, Exercise and Nutrition, Reflection/Meditation and Yoga.  All PPOE content is produced with and intent to inspire, empower and offer solutions for issues that are impacting the health, safety and well-being of our society:  teenage obesity, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic and gang violence, graffiti and more.   As the tour gains media publicity, high-profile speakers/facilitators will attend local concerts and rallies, along with local high profile political, civic, academic and spiritual leaders.

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