Peace In Action

Peace has begun. Peace in action. Our initial launch in 2009

The Peace Has Begun Campaign is a series of pre and post Project-Peace on Earth concert promotional events.  The Peace Has Begun campaign is designed to re-position the word “Peace” from a noun into a verb; as a verb, “Peace” is now transformed into actions that are addressing key social issues that are impacting children, teens, adults, families, schools, communities, and cities throughout the United States and Canada.  A hip double-decker Peace Has Begun bus is the literal promotional vehicle that leads up to and follows the Project-Peace on Earth concert. Two young and dynamic broadcast journalist will travel on the bus interviewing students, people on the street, as well as social and civic leaders to discover positive social changes and the people behind them.   The bus is a moving studio that will feature celebrities, musical groups and global thought leaders who are using their message and talents to promote and enact  local and world peace.  Through sharing these stories with the world, we hope to ignite a passion of possibilities that will inspire each of us to be our best, reach out, connect, and make our world a better place.   In essence, the Peace Has Begun double-decker bus becomes a moving worldwide promotional hub for change and good.  While on the road, stories and concert videos will be continually uploaded to video sharing sites, social networking portals and related Internet websites for distribution to young people, college students and LOHAS demographics.  At Peace Has Begun concert and rallies, attendees will be able to enroll and to participate in activities such as:  mini concerts, meditation and yoga classes and key note talks from a variety of celebrities.   People will also be able to purchase a variety of inspirational products that include: the Peace Has Begun / PPOE Alive Drive and MP3 players that will come with preloaded music and videos, audio-video excerpts from leaders in the fields of Parenting, Domestic Violence Prevention, Self-Esteem, Exercise and Nutrition, Reflection/Meditation and Yoga.  All PPOE content is produced with and intent to inspire, empower and offer solutions for issues that are impacting the health, safety and well-being of our society:  teenage obesity, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic and gang violence, graffiti and more.   As the tour gains media publicity, high-profile speakers/facilitators will attend local concerts and rallies, along with local high profile political, civic, academic and spiritual leaders.

THE PPOE Alive Drive!


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The Alive Drive designed for PPOE is an interactive operating system that is embedded and customized on a flash memory device of any sponsors choice. We Pre-load the drive with audio, visual and written content to distribute to our the PPOE Brand fans and sponsor customers.


Music, videos, special behind the scenes footage, interviews, press releases, sponsor ads and consumer engagements.

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The marquee banner space allows on the PPOE Alive Drive enables us to acknowledge our corporate sponsors and to continually raise funds and awareness for our causes and benefiting charities.


As new charity programs come online the associated sponsors are able to promote, tell their story and offer a continual engagement propositions to their customers.



Danny Glover, famed film actor discusses the deeper meaning of peace.  He stands for peace.


PEACE AS A VERB:   Lost and Found:  Healing Substance Abuse and Self Awakening
Eric Nies, MTV’s first reality TV show host of Real World, describes his fall from fame into substance abuse and his journey back towards self-discovery and life mastery.


Bill Richardson, former Governor and Presidential Candidate; famed artists Romio Shrestha and Davood Roostaei proclaim  “I Stand for Peace.”

PEACE AS A VERB:  Finding Your Life Purpose and Awaken to Your Unique Heart Virtue
Greg Mooers, former physicist and software developer of Artificial Intelligence turned Monk, shares his unique insights and processes about how to determine: Your Life Purpose and Awaken to Your Unique Heart Virtue.



 “If you can give young people a reason to believe that they can change the future for themselves and others, then it is much easier to deal with violence and substance abuse and teenage pregnancy.”                                                        Dr. David Satcher, former Director of the Center for Disease Control


Be and Do Peace (Awareness and Action)

Parenting  (Parents with Self-Esteem teach children well):

“Learning good parenting techniques is important, but the self-esteem of the parents themselves is—by far—the most crucial and essential element.”  Key Findings of the California Task Force (C.T.F) on Self-Esteem key findings.

Cost to society if not corrected:   “If a person does not believe in her own self-worth, then she is less likely to care for herself and her pregnancy.  Each dollar spent on prenatal care saves an average of $2.57 in later medical costs.  Neonatal intensive care for one infant costs an estimated $19,000.  This could pay for 60 women to receive prenatal care.”


•  Develop a statewide and nationwide campaign to educate all States (and citizens of the United States) regarding the primary role of parents in the development of healthy self-esteem for children and for personal and social responsibility; culturally-sensitive multi-lingual training in loving and effective ways to raise children.

•  Include child-rearing courses in the school curriculum.

•  Provide health education for expectant mothers and fathers.

•  Provide self-esteem and responsibility training for all foster parents and institutional-care staff.

•  Reduce the number of teenage pregnancies through self-esteem training.

•  Provide support programs for parents at-risk of abusing children.

•  Provide women’s shelters that contain a self-esteem and responsibility component.

•  Reduce spousal and child abuse through self-esteem and relationship training.

“In the so-called civilized world, children are physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused; they are the leaders of our future.  When children are raised in such a hostile and violent environment, how can we hope for a harmonious future for all people of this world?  In this light, the purpose of human life is to achieve our own spiritual evolution, to get rid of negativity, to establish harmony among our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual quadrants, to learn to live in harmony within the family, community, nation; treating all of mankind as brothers and sisters.”     – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Time magazine, The Meaning of Life)

Be and Do Peace  (Awareness and Action)

 “Self-esteem is the likeliest candidate for a social vaccine, something that empowers us to live responsibly and that inoculates us against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure.” Key Findings of the California Task Force (C.T.F) on Self-Esteem key findings.

Self-Esteem and Nutrition (Personal Responsibility and Reduction of Obesity):

“Appreciating our worth and importance involves accepting ourselves, setting realistic expectations, forgiving ourselves and others, taking risks, trusting and expressing feelings.  Our self-worth also rests on appreciating our creativity, our minds, our bodies and our spiritual beings.”    Key Findings of the C.T.F. on Self-Esteem

Cost to society if not corrected“The societal costs imposed by preventable disease are now placed at more than $680 billion annually.”  Medical research indicates that treatments such as nutritional medicine, meditation, and support groups can often prevent the need for high-risk, high cost care.”

A Still Mind (This program promotes meditation and reflection as a means of increasing attention span, brain coherence and increases one’s GPA.)

Yoga versus Medications (Physical Flexibility increases Emotional Stability.)

Education:  (Higher GPA increases HSG rate which inspires greater interest in College):

“Schools that deliberately nurture self-esteem have recorded impressive results in academics as well as in social and personal responsibility.”  Key Findings of the C.T.F. on Self-Esteem

Cost to society if not corrected:  The average drop-out rate of 30% before high school graduation costs the nation $228 billion in lost earnings and $68 billion in foregone taxes.”


•  Encourage self-reflection/introspection increases personal responsibility.

•  Promote more parent involvement.

•  Weave self-esteem and responsibility into the total educational program.

•  Educate every educator through pre-service and in-service training in self-esteem and responsibility.

•  Give students opportunities to do community service.

•  Formulate a real-life skills curriculum.

•  Provide cooperative learning opportunities.

•  Inspire neighborhood beautification and graffiti clean-up.


Inner Peace Creates Outer Peace:  Have Peace in the Community (Quality of Life)

Substance Abuse:  (Healthy Self-Esteem reduces rates in Substance Abuse)

“It is evident that enhancing self-esteem so as to affect abusive behavior requires a deep change in one’s sense of self.  Difficult though it will be, this reducing-the-demand approach holds great promise for long-term benefits.”   – Key Findings of the C.T.F. on Self-Esteem

Cost to society if not corrected:  “A person with low self-esteem is more susceptible to the abuse of drugs and alcohol than someone with a healthy sense of self-esteem.”  In 1983, alcohol and drug abuse, and the associated affects of reduced productivity, treatment, and crime cost America $175 billion.”


•  Educate parents.

•  “Just-Say-No” campaign does not empower someone to say “Yes” to life.

•  Expand school prevention programs.

•  Encourage the media to accept responsibility for its part in shaping public self-esteem and especially for its presentation of  acceptable behavior with regard to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Domestic and Gang Violence:  (Self-Esteem and Conflict Resolution )

“When young people fail to find acceptance and affirmation, a sense of belonging, and a significant part in decision making, many of them seek those human necessities in gangs. People need to know that they matter—to be able to experience the personal accomplishment of making a difference.  When these opportunities are not available in positive endeavors and relationships, disappointed and frustrated people often pursue them in ways that are both personally and socially destructive.”    – Key Findings of the C.T.F. on Self-Esteem

Cost to society if not corrected:  “A common characteristic among interviewed violent inmates and parolees was self-image compensating that involved aggressive behavior to demonstrate their worth.  Nationwide, over 3.7 million persons are under federal or state correctional supervision.  In 1990, inmates in Federal prisons cost the taxpayer over $1.2 billion.  An inmate costs approximately $30,000 a year to house.”


•  Hold juveniles accountable for crime.

•  Combat gangs with self-esteem programs in schools.

•  Create community partnerships to develop after-school activities.

•  Establish self-esteem programs in correctional facilities.

•  Promote arts programs in institutional settings.

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