20 years after the first release “MCMXC a.D.”, sales of more than 50 million records and 60 #1 chart positions worldwide, Enigma is back with an interactive anniversary celebration: On December 15, 2010 the musical project will be releasing the single “MMX (The Social Song)” created together with fans through their three months online collaboration.

In 3 steps users actively participated in the creation of a song. They sent in original vocal tracks, decided on musical styles, created covers, voted and commented. Along the course of events, Enigma’s mastermind Michael Cretu allowed people to look behind the curtain by recording several video messages from his studio.

“The Social Song idea started as an experiment and it turned out to become a great and successful journey, which brought many Enigma fans and music lovers together. There hasn’t been anything comparable in the music industry – namely being so social to the core. I really enjoyed this experience.” Cretu says. People watched more than 1,000,000 times the videos, listened to samples, casted votes, posted, commented or simply visited the event website www.EnigmaSocialSong.com …

The final song will be accompanied by a user generated cover, as well as a digital booklet giving credit to those who actively participated. Following the social idea, everyone has the chance to download the song for a symbolic price of only a tweet or a Facebook post!

“This was just the beginning…” Michael sums up, “there will be more collaboration projects coming in the near future.” Updates will be published on Enigma’s official website www.EnigmaSpace.com and on different social networks channels at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and Ping!
The fans and Enigma team just wrote history through the creation "MMX (The Social Song)" !



United By Music

11.11.11 Project-Peace on Earth

The world’s most spiritually inspired musicians will unite in a Global Musical Prayer for Peace

Officially granted permission from Enigma to Project-Peace of Earth LLC (PPoE), to use Enigma’s “MMX (The Social Song)” music video free of charge to promote PPOE in the course of the live concert at Manger Square Bethlehem as well as events and the website.


Music & Lyrics by Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima) / Marcelo Amaral Pontello (Mark Joshua) Jérôme Pringault (J. Spring) / Rasa Veretenceviene (Rasa Serra)Recorded & Engineered with Merlin Mobile Studio

Produced by Michael Cretu

Published at 1-2-3 Music / Crocodile Music

Cover Artwork: Lars Doerwald

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