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New Book release by PPOE Founder/CEO, Steve Robertson:

“Robertson is a living Avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.” – Larry Dossey, MD (National Best Selling Author of “One Mind” and “The Power of Prayer”)

“A TEXTBOOK for the Soul” – Caroline Myss, PhD (National Best-Selling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit”)

“beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” – Gary Zukav (National Best Selling author of “Seat of the Soul”)

“required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” – Don Miguel Ruiz (National Best selling author of “The Four Agreements”)

“can empower you and help you bring your gifts to the world.” – Jack Kornfield, PhD (National Best Selling Author of “A Path With Heart”)

“rich and spiritually authentic insights into the meaning of life and how to find and live your life purpose.” – Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. (National Best Selling Authors, Pioneers in the Human Potential Movement)

“a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance.” – Alexander Astin, PhD (Considered the world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education. Co-founder of UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. Best Selling Author of “Cultivating the Spirit”.)

“Steve’s book looks at all of us in the eye and asks us to awaken to our ownpower and force.” – Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International. Former Franciscan Monk.

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The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose

“Steve Robertson’s ‘The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose’ is a textbook for the soul.” – Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit 

Los Angeles, California – A young man loses everything in a 24-hour period of time.  At the age of 29, this experience launches him on twenty-five year spiritual quest to discover the meaning of life and his unique life purpose.  He is lead to promote sacred music worldwide.  His journey connects him to many of our planet’s most famed Musicians, Film makers, TV producers, Humanitarians, Doctors, Scientists, Celebrities and internationally acclaimed peace work in Middle East.  In Steve Robertson’s, The Power of Choice, the eponymous author uses “beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” says Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul.  

From birth our soul seems the result of a cosmic casting that seeks to mold our inner most self into that of a divine plan and purpose,” writes Robertson. Through his quest and travels around the world, he is met with and overcomes soul breaking challenges which help fortified spiritual insights and wisdoms about the meaning of life and its’ purpose.  Writes Dr. Larry Dossey, National Best Selling Author of “The Power of Prayer” about ‘The Power of Choice’, “Robertson does not merely write about a vision of peace and personal empowerment, but he has lived it on the world stage. His story is captivating and inspiring. Robertson is a living avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.”

In my writings and lectures I share deep insights that help to flatten the learning-curve about how consciousness works and most importantly,  how to discover and align yourself with your unique and Divine life purpose,” Robertson says.

Don Miguel Ruiz, National Best Selling Author of the “Four Agreements” states about Robertson’s book: “The Power of Choice is required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” This unique and compelling journey of self-discovery and the power of leaps of faith that reveal miracles are captured in  Steve Robertson’s, The Power of Choice: Success and Your Life Purpose. Robertson is a spiritual mentor and life-coach for many people and professionals seeking inner peace and transformation, for his writings touch upon how the mystical nature of consciousness and music work to  empower  Divine realizations which lead to personal success and a lasting world peace.

About the Author

Steve Robertson is a social media entrepreneur and entertainment industry executive/producer based in Los Angeles California. He created Project Peace on Earth LLC (PPOE) to give back to society while working on multiple business/production/consulting and start-up endeavors. 

 PPOE’s November 2011 Picasso Peace Dove / Love All image from Jericho’s Mount of Temptation was selected in 2012 as one of the  UN’s 49 most iconic photos in the organization’s history. 

Robertson is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, an Entertainment Industry and Business Marketing Strategist and consultant, Executive Sales and Life Coach, Speaker, a noted blogger at Huffington Post, Author, a former Fortune 500 Sales Executive (High-Tech Computer Process Control Automation and Health Insurance Industries) and professional motocross racer. 

Robertson has enrolled PPOE’s Team that consists of many of the world’s top leaders in Music, Film, TV, Mobile Media, Medicine, Science, Humanitarian/Human Rights Work, National Best Selling Transformational Authors, Veteran PTSD issues, Higher Education and Politics.

The Stephen Wampler story:

Stephen Wampler, a man who has had cerebral palsy since birth, decided to train and climb one of the world’s most revered mountain faces,  El Capitan.  This mountain face, some  3,000 feet of sheer rock from base to summit in Yosemite National Park, is something that Professional climbers train for a lifetime before attempting.  Wampler’s Accent is the documentary story of Stephen Wampler, the blond, handsome father of two who is the physically challenged and his dream to overcome the impossible.

Mr. Wampler wanted to create promotional project for his organization,  Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, which offers wilderness experiences for children with disabilities. , which offers wilderness experiences for children with disabilities. The weakest parts of this film (directed by his wife, Elizabeth) are endorsements of that cause and of Mr. Wampler’s can-do attitude, with statements of support from Ellen DeGeneres, Paul Reiser, Will Forte and Jay Leno.


PPOE Musical Ambassadors:  Randy and Pamela   of the group 2002


 Available on iTunes (click logo) 

Believe is a hot new release destined to be the best album ever by 2002!”  John P. Olsen

Read the full review at New Age Music World

Debuted at #8 on the Billboard New Age Chart

“Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002 use their musical genius to mystically uplift the soul with each and every intuitively intentioned note.  Their music caresses and bathes the soul with a loving, gracious and spiritually rich experience that serves to remind us how deeply we are connected to the Divine in and through all things.  Randy is one of the most gracious, kind and generous people you could ever be blessed to know.  I am so personally blessed to call him my friend.    The music on Believe is just profound!!!  Randy’s vocals are an angelic reminder of the possibilities we can always find through love.  Buy this album.  It is a life changer!!!  BELIEVE will help to restore your faith in yourself and in the possibility of an ever lasting peace.   I’m also deeply grateful to  Randy for so tirelessly and generously working to re-edit and engineer our live PPOE 2011 Christmas Day concert broadcast.”  Steve Robertson, Founder/CEO of Project Peace on Earth

PPOE Musical Ambassadors:  AO Music (Miriam Stockley, Richard Gannaway and Jay Oliver)

    Available on iTunes (click logos)

“If your looking for profoundly uplifting music where genius compositions, vocals and the chorus of children angelically transports your heart into a state of  joyful innocence…look no further that AO Music.  Richard is such a clear, loving, generous and committed soul.  He worked tirelessly to produce our PPOE promotional video on our home landing page.  Miriam is one of the world’s great mystical vocalists.  Jay is an intuitive virtuoso on the keyboards.  He is also an amazing cook and always gracious host.” Steve Robertson, Founder/CEO of Project Peace on Earth

PPOE Musical Ambassadors:  Itai Disraeli and Hagai Or with Jame Gadson

 Available on iTunes (click logo)

“Itai and Hagai are utterly amazing.  I am awe struck each time I watch them perform.  Itai is like a modern day Hendrix.  He so spiritually looses himself when he performs that his music pulls the mind into an transformational trance that frees the spirit into a liberated state of ultimate joy.  Hagai is a profound genius who pours his soul into each note that he mystically blows through the trumpet, rams horn or conch shell he chooses in the moment.  I highly recommend you buying this album and if you ever get a chance to watch them live….TAKE IT!!!” – Steve Robertson, Founder and CEO of Project Peace on Earth.


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