Overcoming Adversity

The Spirit of Overcoming Adversity

The David Bailey Story:  Former multiple time Motocross and Supercross National Champion, just recently married,  falls during and off-season race breaking his back.  Doctors inform him that he is now permanently paralyzed from the waist down.  Struggling through the mental anguish of dealing with his new fate, David, attempts suicide.  Through the love of his wife Gina and through great self-determination, David finds a new career to pour his life into, wheelchair racing.  David wins his second attempt at famed Iron Man Triathlon.  Later David becomes a famed sports commentator for ESPN’s TV coverage of Supercross Racing.  David models the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

The Stephen Wampler story:

Stephen Wampler, a man who has had cerebral palsy since birth, decided to train and climb one of the world’s most revered mountain faces,  El Capitan.  This mountain face, some  3,000 feet of sheer rock from base to summit in Yosemite National Park, is something that Professional climbers train for a lifetime before attempting.  Wampler’s Accent is the documentary story of Stephen Wampler, the blond, handsome father of two who is the physically challenged and his dream to overcome the impossible.

Mr. Wampler wanted to create promotional project for his organization,  Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, which offers wilderness experiences for children with disabilities. , which offers wilderness experiences for children with disabilities. The weakest parts of this film (directed by his wife, Elizabeth) are endorsements of that cause and of Mr. Wampler’s can-do attitude, with statements of support from Ellen DeGeneres, Paul Reiser, Will Forte and Jay Leno.

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