Peace in the Middle East

Middle East Peace: What  Project Peace On Earth Has Accomplished:




The World Forgiveness Concert for Bethlehem, features numerous performances of sacred and inspirational music from famed Rock and conscious HipHop stars, the world of Country, Opera and Contemporary/World music along with Grammy Winners and Nominees including:
Stewart Copeland, co-founder and drummer of The Police;
Pearl Thompson of The Cure/Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Tour who now teams with legendary guitarist Finbar O’Hanlon;
Gary Nicholson, Country Music Grammy Winner;
Sasha Cooke, 2012 Opera Grammy winner;
Joanne Shenandoah, Native American Grammy Winner;
David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks, Grammy nominees;
Beth Nielsen Chapman, Country Music Grammy nominee;
Fox Lima, of the MMX Enigma Social Media Song and video;
Miriam Stockley and Richard Gannaway of AO Music;
The group 2002: Randy, Pamela and Sarah Copus
Kenji Williams of the Bella Gaia/NASA world tour;
Itai Disraeli and Hagia Izraeli of the group Maetar;
SEAY, award winning singer;
Fritz Heede and Nijole Sparkis of Ritual Path;
Kellee Maize, conscious HipHop/Rapper;
Hani Naser, world-famed Oud player;
Elijah Ray, of the group Band of Light.

With video messages from  National Best Selling Authors:
Gary Zukav (Seat pf the Soul)
Caroline Myss PhD (Anatomy of the Spirit)
Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements)
Jerry Jampolsky MD and Diane Cirincione PhD 

Minister Rula Ma’ay’a of Palestine Tourism
PPOE 2013 World Forgiveness Message
George Bassous General Mgr. of the Bethlehem Convention Palace PPOE 2013 Message

We’re asking for your financial support for Project Peace On Earth (PPOE) and our mission to protect and inspire children and families toward a world that more lovingly works for all.   Our primary mission is promoting the message of love and peace through a series of global broadcast concerts of spiritually inspirational music, promoting programs that empower young people to fulfill their dreams and that of delivering humanitarian/medical services to those in need.




Global Broadcast of writer John Viscount’s (PPOE Advisory Board member)  Award Winning film “Admissions” is telecast out to 80 million homes 2 times daily over the course of 30 days in the languages of English, Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish.


“Admissions”, written and produced by John Viscount (PPOE Advisory Board)  stars Academy Award nominee James Cromwell and tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in war-torn places like the Middle East. Featuring an Israeli couple and a Palestinian, this modern parable is set in the Admissions Room for the afterlife. Its purpose is to start a conversation that heals. The message of the film is based on the Course In Miracles teachings.


The film was originally produced in English.  Then through the coordinating and production efforts of Steve Robertson of  PPOE, it was overdubbed in Farsi and then subtitled into Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish.


“Admissions” was then broadcast out in these varying languages over the MelliTV/MTC network two times daily to 80 million homes over the course of 30 days.   MelliTV/MTC is a multi-cultural music video and entertainment news channel that runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week to an estimated 80 million homes worldwide in the languages of Farsi, English, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish.




PPOE Picasso Peace Dove / LOVE ALL 
1 of 49 most iconic images of the UN
PPOE  November 25, 2011 Peace Initiative
PPOE “LOVE ALL” 2012 Manger Square Bethlehem
PPOE December 24, 2102 Peace Initiative
PPOE “FREE ALL” sage-ing the Bethlehem dividing wall 
PPOE Dec. 31, 2012 Peace Initiative
PPOE “VISIONS OF PEACE” Palestinian Medical Mission (09/2010)
Eyesight (free cataract surgeries) returned to 40 Elderly people


CHRISTMAS EVE (12.24.12)

2012 Bethlehem “Free All” Project Peace On Earth concert from Steve Robertson on Vimeo.

On December 24th Christmas Eve 2012, as part of Project Peace On Earth’s second annual global musical prayer for peace concert from Bethlehem, world famed musicians beamed in their musical prayers for peace to Bethlehem and then sent them out to the world.

The PPOE streaming concert link of 12.24.12 transmission to and from Bethlehem to the world features performances by:

Jon Anderson (lead singer of YES), Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down), Gary Nicholson (Grammy winning Texas Hall of Fame singer/song writer – introduces the performance of the song “Divine Mother” he wrote with Ana Egge.  It is performed by Beth Nielsen ChapmanCarmella RamseyJoan Moser and Chevonne Kennedy);  Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy winning Native American singer/song writer), Sussan Deyhim (world famed Sufi Singer featured by U2 and the 2012 Academy nominated film “Argo”), Fox Lima (MMX Enigma Social MMX Song singer/song writer), Richard Horowitz (famed film score composer of “The Sheltering Sky” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), Itai Desraeli and Hagai (Maetar), Ernest Chapman (lead singer of Team Illuminati based in Nashville), Seay (award winning New Age/ World Music singer/song writer from Nashville), Peter Joseph – edutainment video shorts (“Emergence” and “Spirituality” content contributions from Steve Robertson)

Project Peace On Earth(PPOE) Bethlehem peace initiatives: On Christmas Eve 12.24.12 in Manger Square Bethlehem, Boy and Girl scout troops lead additional Palestinian youth to participate in forming a human “Peace Symbol and spelling the words “Love All” to send an aerial image message of Christmas love, peace and joy to the world.

December 24th, 2012:  Steve Robertson, PPOE founder,  made Bethlehem’s Mayor Vera Baboun and George Bassous, General Mgr of the Bethlehem Convention Palace (BCP) aware of the December 14th Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  He then suggested to honor the children and adults who tragically perished by place 26 Angels on the original Manger Square Christmas tree.   The Mayor and George overwhelming agreed to support the idea and Robertson when out to secure and have them made.  When Steve approached Lama Brothers Souvenir Store in Bethlehem about the project, Michael Lama, immediately offered to have his craftsman make the angels for free.  George of the BCP donated funds to decorate the angels to give further meaning and honor to children and adults.  A larger twenty-seventh angel was added to group of angels to represent and honor all of the children and people in Gaza who died during the recent bombing there, just one month prior.

December 31st, 2012:  As part of a Project Peace On Earth “Free All” peace initiative, hundreds of boy and girl scouts join in solidarity at the Dividing Wall in front of the Israeli guard tower, just next to the famed Entry Gate of the Patriarch in Bethlehem (the historical original road into Bethlehem). Here, the scouts form the message “Free All” and express a continuous image of permanent handprints that send a prayerful plea to all world leaders and the brotherhood of all scouts to bring the Israeli Dividing Wall down and to establish a lasting freedom, justice and peace for all. President Abbas delivers a speech to the boy and girl scouts on the importance and historic significance of their participation in the PPOE “Free All” aerial art initiative. (“Free All” making of video montage and President Abbas speech soon to be released)

Morning of December 31st, 2012:  Steve Robertson is seen here cleaning and clearing the space for the “Free All” peace initiative.



The PPOE Concert Christmas Day (12.25.11) concert from Bethlehem was Sponsored by: The Palestinian Government, United Nations (UNDP), The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, The Bethlehem Convention Palace/Consolidated Contractors Company/Palestine Investment Fund, VisitPalestine, Netours, The Ambassador Hotel (Jerusalem), Melli TV and Project Peace on Earth.  The Executive Producer of the concert was Steve Robertson.  The Production team consisted of Steve Robertson and the production super heros: Brian Thomas, Marc ScarpaFritz Froehlich (UNRWA Coordinator), Sami Khoury (ABS Marketing/VisitPalestine), Sami Abu Dayyeh (The Ambassador Hotel/Netours), George Bassous (Gen. Mgr. Bethlehem Convention Palace).  Special thanks to: Jonathan Elias (famed composer of the Prayer Cycle albums), David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks for assisting as Musical Directors; Rutger Hauer (famed BladeRunner actor – his opening PPOE video spot) and Shaun Monson for directing the piece; Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist Films/Movement) for the video broadcast pieces (Emergence and Spirituality), Enigma (use of their MMX Social Song video), John Quigley’s (PPOE,UNRWA Picasso Peace Dove PPOE concert promotional effortsJonathan Elias and Jon Anderson for the use of their music from the Path to Zero album), Burgandy Morgan esq (her amazing legal support), Greg Spelanka (artist/graphic designer extraordinaire PPOE iconic Peace Goddess image), Mike Houle (artist/graphic designer of PPOE broadcast logo).  Special thanks to Kenny Fields and Todd Brown of West Post Digital for generously in donating office space, multimedia editing support and always willingness to support;  Randy Copus of the musical group 2002, who has so graciously dedicated his time and talents to remixing and editing the concert broadcast audio and video (soon to be released); and Tyler Norris and  Nell Derick Debevoise whose loving guidance and support literally established, launched and opened the doors for our peace initiative efforts in the Middle East.



                        (The Bethlehem Convention Palace)

December 25th, 2011 – A Christmas Day Global Peace Concert – December 25th, 2011


On December 25th, 2011 almost 80 million homes were reached by our globally telecast musical prayer for peace on Christmas Day from Bethlehem Palestine. Our first worldwide concert accomplished what many said was impossible, a globally telecast concert of Grammy Winning Musicians sending out a sacred musical message of peace to an audience of over 80 million people.  Please watch the PPOE live broadcast on our home page.


On November 25th, 2011 we brought 1000 Palestinian Refugee Children to the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho.  They were then guided to form the image of the Picasso Peace Dove and spell out the words “Love All”.   The image of the Dove and words “Love All”, which was filmed and shot aerially, sent out a message of love and hope for other children and adults worldwide.  In September 2012 the UN selected this image, out of 800,000 pictures, as one of the 49 most iconic images since the organization’s inception.

On September 28-29th, 2010 our Medical Mission helped to restore the eye-sight of 40 elderly people.  PPOE brought a famed eye surgical team to Saint John’s Eye Hospital in Hebron Palestine.  During this mission we delivered almost $400,000 in Free cataract surgeries to 40 deserving elderly people.

Summer of 2008 – PPOE launched the Peace Has Begun campaign designed to reposition the word “Peace” from a noun into a tactical verb the transforms the meaning of peace into actionable activities that address key social issues that impact children, teens, adults, families, schools, cities, communities, and states.  Two broadcast journalists traveled on the bus interviewing people on the streets, civic leaders, national best selling authors, university leaders and famed celebrities to discover their personal pathway to peace and how they apply this daily to make the world a better place and place of peace.


We just launched our SELF EMPOWERMENT page which is filled with empowering tools to help and support you in personal growth.

We are already in planning for our next 2014 December concert and organizing various empowerment projects for children.


Your donations are very important in helping Project-Peace on Earth (PPOE) to create and produce a worldwide musical prayer for peace.

Official Merchandise of Project Peace on Earth

Please click here to learn how your donations will help produce the Global Musical Prayer and how proceeds from the PPOE Concert are distributed.

Over the coming weeks we will be creating a donor legacy wall to commemorate your generous donation, whatever it might be.  We also welcome you to play and/or download music from our music gift page as our way of saying thanks you for your interest, support and/or donation.  No donation is required to download or enjoy the listening to the music we have posted.  We are deeply grateful to each an every PPOE Musical Ambassador for gifting us with their music to share with you.

If you prefer to make a donation in some other form, or have any questions about your donation, please contact us at or call us at 1.866.970.7474.   If you choose to make a donation to Project-Peace On Earth, LLC., your credit card information WILL ONLY BE USED FOR THIS TRANSACTION through the secured PayPal payment system.  Project-Peace on Earth LLC. does not retain credit card information.

Donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE and may be disclosed to the IRS as per all state and federal rules, regulations and laws.

Thank you for your generous support of Project-Peace On Earth
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Promoting Peace on Earth 

[quote]Imagine a space in your busy life where the only intention is to celebrate and experience Peace.  Imagine this peace as more than the absence of war, and more that the absence of noise, worry and even fear.   Of course this feeling of peace is available to us all the time, however, most of us find this hard to remember much less choose to experience this simple reality.  So now, imagine creating this space, a personal alter of peace for yourself,  on a specific day for 6 hours. Now imagine yourself and everyone you know all on the same day at the same time, at the same alter…Your neighbors, your family and friends, all the people you have ever met and new friends with whom you will soon connect… all having the hippest, most mind-blowingly cool, heart-opening, inspiring, authentic, collaboratively created peace experience ever had. This annual celebration of Peace is called “Project-Peace on Earth”. [/quote]


Ricky Kej Internationally acclaimed Composer of Kamasutra Lounge 1&2 (USA), Fiery Drums (Virgin EMI), Mesmerizing Flute (Virgin EMI) and Featured in over 100 compilations across the globe.  He has scored and composed for 5 Indian feature movies and over 3000 advertising jingles for Nike, Levi’s, IBM, Fosters, Toyota, Air India, Arrow, etc.

Ricky won a ‘One Show’ award for Advertising Excellence and a finalist for the Cannes Advertising Award for his Nike Jingle. Hailed as a ‘World Famous Star in Fusion Music’ by Virgin-EMI and as a ‘National Youth Icon’ in India by the Rotary Club. Composed the score for 2011 Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony. This was the highest rated sporting opening ceremony event in world.  Ricky  also owns and controls a music library for sync- Over 200 musical clips from this library have been placed with commercials and brands.

 Enigma – MMX The Social Song

Right click to save Enigma – Social Song

MMX (The Social Song) by EnigmaSpace

  Beth Nielsen Chapman – “Shine All Your Light” from the album Prism co-written by Kimmie Rhodes

Beth Nielsen Right click to save Beth Nielsen Chapman – Shine ALl You Light from the Prism album co-written by Kimmie Rhides

A SPIRITUAL HipHop song:  My Religion (Sweet Love)

  Beth Nielsen Chapman – “My Religion (Sweet Love” from the album Prism lyrics by Atoaji Radellant. Melody by Beth Nielsen Chapman and Atoaji Radellant

Beth Nielsen Right click to save Beth Nielsen Chapman – My Religion (Sweet Love) from the Prism album. Song lyrics by Atoaji Radellant. Melody by Beth Nielsen Chapman and Atoaji Radellant

  Cofield Mundi – “Everybody Show It” from the album    The Big Question

Cofield Mundi .com Right click to save Cofield Mundi – Everybody Show It from The Big Question album

  AO Music “On Jai Ya” from the album Twirl
Right click to save AO Music – On Jai Ya

AO Music – On Jai Ya by AO Music

 Gary Nicholson the song “Choose Love”
Right click to save Gary Nicholson – Choose Love

Gary Nicholson – Choose Love by Gary Nicholson

 Joanne Shenandoah the “Prophecy Song”
Right click to save Joanne Shenandoah – Prophecy Song

Joanne Shenandoah – Prophecy Song by Joanne Shenandoah

  Seay “All Around The World” from the album All Around the World
Right click to save Seay – All Around The World

Seay – All Around The World by Seay

  Shanti Mission Music – Thank You I Love You

This song is inspired by the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness known as Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono)

“Hoʻoponopono” is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary[11] as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.” Literally, hoʻo is a particle used to make an actualizing verb from the following noun, as would “to” before a noun in English. Here, it creates a verb from the noun pono, which is defined as

“goodness, uprightness, morality, moral qualities, correct or proper procedure, excellence, well-being, prosperity, welfare, benefit, true condition or nature, duty; moral, fitting, proper, righteous, right, upright, just, virtuous, fair, beneficial, successful, in perfect order, accurate, correct, eased, relieved; should, ought, must, necessary.”

Ponopono is defined as “to put to rights; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat.”
Right click to save Shanti Mission Music – Thank You I Love You

Shanti Mission Music – Thank You I Love You 


 David Arkenstone -Embrace Everything

Right click to save David Arkenstone – Embrace Everything


 Randy and Pamela Copus of 2002 –

Memory of the Sky
Right click to save 2002 – Memory of the Sky

2002 – Memory of the Sky by Project-PeaceOnEarth


 Hani Naser – the song “Butterfly”
Right click to save Hani Naser – Butterfly

Hani Naser: Butterfly by Project-PeaceOnEarth

 Riddle the Sphinx – Within Reach
Right click to save Riddle The Sphinx – Reach Within

  Lindsay Wagner – “Crystal Cathedral” from the album Open to Oneness

Lindsay Right click to save Lindsay Wagner – Crystal Cathedral

To purchase Lindsay’s “Open To Oneness” CD please click here:  Lindsay Wagner

[quote]Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of spirit.  – Beethoven

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