Project Peace On Earth Concert Proceeds Distribution

Project Peace On Earth Concert Proceeds Distribution

2011 Proceeds Distribution Plan









On a worldwide basis, proceeds from the initial and annual concerts will be used to help children and families who are living in extreme poverty.

UNRWA, 40% of the proceeds from the initial PPOE Bethlehem worldwide concert will benefit this United Nations Relief Agency who is responsible for providing education, health care, social services and emergency add to some 4.7 million Palestinian refugees now residing in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, The West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Tomorrow’s Youth, 4% of the proceeds will benefit “Tomorrows Youth” organization that provides a variety of assistance programs that help children on the West Bank who have been traumatized in the wake of military conflicts.

Global Village Makeover, 11% of the proceeds will be used to implement a series of humanitarian outreach projects that will provide: water, food, clothing, shelter, safety, removal of land-mines and other post war weapons, education, health care and economic sustainability of global communities villages who request and require assistance.

Healing Our Nation11% of the proceeds will be used to help millions of Americans who have fallen through the cracks in our own country.  This program seeks to establish empowerment centers at decommissioned military bases and/or other large scale integrated housing complexes that will be used as safe locations to provide space for support groups.. assistance programs and transition therapy for youth-at-risk.. the homeless.. early parolees and first offenders..  and guidance into recovery for people suffering drug and alcohol addictions. These locations are where some of the finest experts and leaders in their field will assist all of these groups through counseling, job training and general support to recover the mental.. emotional.. educational and life-skills-sets necessary to transition from war torn lives back into society.

Medical Conferences, 5% of the proceeds will be used to produce a medical conference in the Palestinian Territories that will bring together some of the world’s leading doctors (pediatricians, surgeons, emergency, eye)  as a means of sharing and providing training in the latest treatment protocols and surgical procedures with local doctors in the region.  This Medical conference will also provide free medical and surgical procedures to Palestinians.

All of the above stated efforts will be tracked and reported back to the world through regularly scheduled Internet broadcasts and documentary programs.

Musicians, 18% of the total proceeds raised will be pooled together and then equally divided amongst the participating musical groups and/or individuals performing.  Musicians will have the option of retaining their portion of these proceeds in full and/or identifying a specific percentage that will be earmarked and distributed to charity(s) of their choosing.

PPOE Production and Operational Expenses, 11% of total proceeds raised will support Project-Peace on Earth.  in creating and producing the annual worldwide PPOE Musical Prayer for Peace and all of its associated pre/post production costs.

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Over the coming weeks we will be creating a donor legacy wall to commemorate your generous donation, whatever it might be.  We also welcome you to play and/or download music from our music gift page as our way of saying thanks you for your interest, support and/or donation.  No donation is required to download or enjoy the listening to the music we have posted.  We are deeply grateful to each an every PPOE Musical Ambassador for gifting us with their music to share with you.

If you prefer to make a donation in some other form, or have any questions about your donation, please contact us at or call us at 1.866.970.7474.   If you choose to make a donation to Project-Peace On Earth, LLC., your credit card information WILL ONLY BE USED FOR THIS TRANSACTION through the secured PayPal payment system.  Project-Peace on Earth LLC. does not retain credit card information.

Donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE and may be disclosed to the IRS as per all state and federal rules, regulations and laws.

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