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Steve Robertson speaker bio

Robertson is a published author, a public speaker, Huffington Post blogger, a philosopher, futurist, philanthropist, sales and marketing expert and noted producer of transformational concerts, short-film social media and global peace initiatives.


Robertson’s recently release first book: “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” which shares deep insights which help to flatten the learning-curve about how consciousness work and creativity work in relationship the discovering ones Divine life purpose.”  His book, which Caroline Myss PhD (author of Anatomy of the Spirit) calls a “Textbook for the Soul” is also endorsed by best selling authors: Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul); Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements);  Larry Dossey MD (One Mind & The Power of Prayer); Jack Kornfield PhD (A Path With A Heart); and UCLA Professors Emeritus Alexander Astin PhD and Helen Astin PhD (Cultivating the Spirit).

In 2009, as part of the overall Project Peace On Earth (PPOE) promotional campaign that would lead up to the first 12.25.11 concert, Robertson produced a national bus tour campaign called “Peace Has Begun”.  This featured two broadcast journalists traveling coast to coast in a specially designed double-decker bus.  Over the course of each scheduled stop of the tour the journalists interviewed famed authors including Larry Dossey MD,  Gay Hendricks, Jerry Jampolsky MD and Diane Cirincione PhD, celebrities like Danny Glover and famed musicians Kitaro, Yungchen Lhamo and others along with people from all walks of life.  Each person was asked about how they brought peace into their lives on a daily basis, what they thought a peaceful world would look like and how they believed music could be used as a catalyst for world peace.  During this same time Robertson filmed a series of short form edutainment interviews with human potential leaders who reframed the word “peace” within the context of a “verb” which then addressed solutions for a variety of societal issues.

In September of 2010 Robertson organized and lead a famed eye surgical team (Dr. Paul Dougherty) and film crew (lead by Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO) to Hebron Palestine to return the eyesight (free cataract surgeries) of 40 Elderly people.  This medical mission delivered almost $400,000 of eye care within a two-day period time.

In November 2011, just one month prior to the first PPOE Concert on Christmas Day in Bethlehem, Robertson and PPOE team members, in cooperation with UNRWA produced and delivered an event that captured the attention of the worldwide media.  Here, Robertson and team members arranged to bus some 1000 UNRWA Palestinian refugee children to the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho.  There, the children were then directed by John Quigley (PPOE Advisory Board member) to form a massive image of the Picasso Peace Dove and spell out the message of “LOVE ALL” and the word “LOVE” in Arabic.  This image and message was then aerially photographed and later picked up by the world media.  In September of 2012, the United Nations informed PPOE that they had selected the Picasso Peace Dove / Love All image as one of the 49 most iconic images in the history of the UN out of some 800,000 photos.

The Picasso Peace Dove and Love All promotional initiative lead to fulfillment of  Robertson’s life-time dream and a 25 year life-mission of producing what many said was impossible, a globally telecast concert of sacred music on December 25th, Christmas day, 2011 from Bethlehem Palestine.  The concert was broadcast out to some 80 millions homes.   The PPOE LOVE ALL Concert on Christmas Day (12.25.11) was produced in Bethlehem Palestine and featured famed singers Fox Lima from Enigma’s MMX Social Song, Gary Nicholson Texas Hall of Fame Grammy Winner, Joanne Shenandoah Native American Grammy winner and famed Jordanian born Ode player Hani Nasser.  The Concert was Sponsored by: The Palestinian Government, United Nations (UNDP), The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, The Bethlehem Convention Palace/Consolidated Contractors Company/Palestine Investment Fund, VisitPalestine, Netours, The Ambassador Hotel (Jerusalem), Melli TV and Project Peace on Earth.

After the first 2011 Love All concert, Robertson went on to produce two more concerts from and for Bethlehem on Christmas Day.  One was produced on Christmas Eve 2012 and the most recent on Christmas Day 2013.

On December 24th Christmas Eve 2012, as part of PPOE’s FREE ALL and second annual global musical prayer for peace concert from Bethlehem, world famed musicians beamed in their musical prayers for peace to Bethlehem and then sent them out to the world. The PPOE streaming concert link of 12.24.12 featured performances by: Jon Anderson (lead singer of YES), Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down), Gary Nicholson (Grammy winning Texas Hall of Fame singer/song writer – introduces the performance of the song “Divine Mother” he wrote with Ana Egge.  It is performed by Beth Nielsen ChapmanCarmella RamseyJoan Moser and Chevonne Kennedy);  Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy winning Native American singer/song writer), Sussan Deyhim (world famed Sufi Singer featured by U2 and the 2012 Academy nominated film “Argo”), Fox Lima (MMX Enigma Social MMX Song singer/song writer), Richard Horowitz (famed film score composer of “The Sheltering Sky” directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), Itai Desraeli and Hagai (Maetar), Ernest Chapman (lead singer of Team Illuminati based in Nashville), Seay (award winning New Age/ World Music singer/song writer from Nashville), Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist, the Movie – edutainment video shorts (“Emergence” and “Spirituality” which featured writing contributions from Steve Robertson).


The December 24th FREE ALL concert was also accompanied by PPOE production of its’ second famed aerial art image.  On Christmas Eve and in Manger Square Bethlehem, Palestinian Boy and Girl scout troops along with other Palestinian young people formed a large “Peace Symbol” and spelled the words “Love All”.


As part of the same FREE ALL initiative and just one week later on December 31st, 2012 (New Years Eve) Robertson and John Quigley produced PPOE’s third aerial image.  Here hundreds of boy and girl scouts joined in solidarity at the Dividing Wall in front of the Israeli guard tower, just next to the famed Entry Gate of the Patriarch in Bethlehem (the historical original road into Bethlehem). Here, the scouts formed the message “Free All” while in the background other troops placed their paint covered hands on the dividing wall to send a permanent and prayerful plea to world leaders (and the brotherhood of all scouts worldwide) to bring the Dividing Wall down. There, President Abbas delivered a video message to the boy and girl scouts about the importance of their courageous participation in the PPOE “Free All” aerial art initiative.


In the summer of 2013 and leading up to the next PPOE World Forgiveness Concert on Christmas Day,  Robertson arranged for the global broadcast of writer John Viscount’s (PPOE Advisory Board member)  Award Winning film “Admissions”.  The twenty-minute short-film which featured academy nominated actor James Cromwell, told a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace in the war-torn Middle East.  The story which revolved around an Israeli couple and a Palestinian man, creates a modern parable that takes place in the Admissions Room of the afterlife.  The film’s purpose served to start a conversation about the process of healing and reconciliation that could take place even in the face of war.  The message of the film is based on the Course In Miracles teachings. The film was overdubbed in Farsi and subtitled in Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish and then telecast out to 80 million homes twice daily over the course of 30 days.


The 2013 PPOE World Forgiveness (Forgive All) Concert for Bethlehem, featured numerous performances of sacred and inspirational music from famed Rock and conscious HipHop stars, the world of Country, Opera and Contemporary/World music along with Grammy Winners and Nominees including:
 Stewart Copeland, co-founder and drummer of The Police; 
Pearl Thompson of The Cure/Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Tour who now teams with legendary guitarist Finbar O’Hanlon; 
Gary Nicholson, Country Music Grammy Winner;
 Sasha Cooke, 2012 Opera Grammy winner;
 Joanne Shenandoah, Native American Grammy Winner;
 David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks, Grammy nominees;
 Beth Nielsen Chapman, Country Music Grammy nominee;
Fox Lima, of the MMX Enigma Social Media Song and video;
 Miriam Stockley and Richard Gannaway of AO Music;
The group 2002: Randy, Pamela and Sarah Copus; Kenji Williams of the Bella Gaia/NASA world tour;
 Itai Disraeli and Hagia Izraeli of the group Maetar;
 SEAY, award winning singer; 
Fritz Heede and Nijole Sparkis of Ritual Path;
 Kellee Maize, conscious HipHop/Rapper;
 Hani Naser, world-famed Oud player;
 Elijah Ray, of the group Band of Light. The concert also featured video messages from  National Best Selling Authors: Gary Zukav (Seat pf the Soul); Caroline Myss PhD (Anatomy of the Spirit); Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements); Jerry Jampolsky MD and Diane Cirincione PhD along with  messages from Palestine’s Minister of Tourism Rula Ma’ay’a and the General Manager of the Bethlehem Convention Palace, George Bassous

Ultimately, Robertson’s extensive humanitarian efforts in the Middle East/Palestinian/Israeli region stem from his belief that the Palestinian/Israeli conflict represents the geo-political and spiritual lynch-pin for peace on our planet.

Robertson’s passion for inspirational music and deep desire to understand the transformational nature of it began at an early age and then blossomed while attending college 1981.  While attending Louisiana Tech University he discovered the music of  Mike Oldfied, Vangelis,  Kitaro and other spiritually inclined composers.  He became DJ at the school radio station to promote this type of music.   After college, his desire to promote sacred music lead to meeting with the famed Japanese musician Kitaro, during his first North American tour.  Shortly thereafter, Robertson would then meet with Yanni. Over the months and years to come he would meet with countless famed New Age composers and Music Industry executives.

Sensing the strong correlation between the healing power of music and the growing medical community’s awareness of how negative emotions were scientifically being shown to impact the immune system and thus foster disease, Robertson began a ten year process of writing a position paper on the affects of music on consciousness. During this same period of time, 1989, Robertson began reaching out to people like Bernie Siegel MD, Larry Dossey MD and Dean Ornish MD who were then emerging leaders within the Alternative and Holistic Medical movement.  Over the course of some 25 years Robertson has worked closely with famed musicians and the founders of leading record labels of transformational music at the time: Anne Robinson, co-founder of Windham Hill; Peter Bauman, founder of Private Music; Howard Sapper, co-founder of Global Pacific and  Dan Selene, Co-Founder of Higher Octave Music.

Robertson would ultimately take his knowledge and theories about music’s healing powers to UCLA’s St. John Hospital in Santa Monica, California.  There, partnered with a graduating medical intern in residence, he would team to conduct a medical study which conclusively proved that devotional/sacred music reduced both pain and stress during the delivery and birthing process.  Concerned over negative societal trends, Robertson then turned his research and writing towards articulating how violent types of music, video games, movies and mass media’s were negatively influencing and impacting society.

During Robertson’s late teenage years he became a top ranking professional motocross racer.  After high school Robertson worked full time, went to college at night, and raced each weekend. He later moved to Louisiana to attend college full-time before and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

After college he went on to become the youngest sales executive of a  4 billion dollar Fortune 500 high-tech process computer control company.  Later, he would pursue his passion for sales and serving others and became one of the top sales agents with a leading insurance company, ranking 2nd  one year, out of several thousand agents for selling quality business.

Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO/Executive Producer of Project Peace on Earth and is joined and supported by many of the very top names in MUSIC (Jonathan Elias – Elias Arts; Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan, Mark Isham, Gary Nicholson, Sussan Deyhim, Joanne Shenandoah and many more); FILM (James Cameron, Mark Magidson (BARAKA & SAMSARA), Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist Films), Philippe Diaz – founder/CEO of Cinema Libre Studios, John Viscount (the award winning short film “Admissions”), Shaun Monson (“Earthlings”), George Langworthy (“The Vanishing Bees”) ; DANCE (Riverdance and Bill Whelan);  TELEVISION (Tim Kring, Exec. Producer/Writer of TOUCH and Heroes; Michael Garcia/former Development Director HBO); MOBILE PHONE (Ralph Simon – G8 Summit, Live Earth, World Cup); GLOBAL INTERNET CONCERT AND BROADCAST PRODUCTION (Marc Scarpa); CONCERT PRODUCTION (Brian Thomas/LIVE NATION); BRANDING AND MARKETING (Simon Mainwaring – creative director NIKE, Toyota/Prius: National best selling author of WE FIRST); SCIENCE/PHYSICS (Nobel-prize-winning quantum physicist Dr. Brian Josephson); HIGHER EDUCATION (Alexander Astin, PhD UCLA – considered the world’s most widely quoted authority on Higher Education; FINE ART (Romio Shrestha – famed Buddhist Thangka/Mandala and Davood Roostaei – famed Cryptorealism artist);  HOLISTIC & ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE (Larry Dossey, MD; Thom Lobe, MD); MILITARY VETERAN HEALING (Dr. Edward Tick, best selling author “War and the Soul”): MOBILE MEDICAL VEHICLES /CLINICS (Charles Mello, CEO American Custom Coach); POLITICS (ret./recently deceased CA SENATOR JOHN VASCONCELLOS from Silicon Valley, former Chairman of Ways and Means, founder of Self-Esteem movement).  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/HUMAN POTENTIAL (Gary Zukav/ Seat of the Soul – 10 Million books sold / Oprah – numerous times; Caroline Myss PhD (million plus copies of Anatomy of the Spirit); Don Miguel Ruiz/ The Four Agreements – 4 Million books / Oprah – numerous times), Gerald Jampolsky MD (founder Center for Attitudinal Healing); MINDFUL MEDITATION (Jack Kornfield PhD, former Buddhist Monk, Mindful Meditation Pioneer and National Best Selling Author – A Path With A Heart); YOGA (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Shiva Rae, Rainbeau Mars); WORLD TRAVEL AND EXPLORATION (Richard Bangs – NY Explores Club / co-founder of Expedia / Co-Founder of Mountain Travel Sobeck – Super VIP Tours);  and the Government of Palestine (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities) and United Nations/UNRWA.

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