What Does Project Peace On Earth Do?

Presently, Project Peace On Earth (PPOE) organizes international peace initiatives that consist of developing and producing inspirationally transformational music concerts and workshops, medical missions, aerial art and fine art events/exhibits, social awareness promotional bus tours and lecture series, cause oriented high school and college campus awareness/media events, dance performance /events, video and films, social media and engagement activities towards the end goals of:

1) Empowering inner peace through sacred music,  inspirational  live experiences, spiritually uplifting: writing, videos, practices and disciplines.

2) Fostering the process of forgiveness and the active realization of interpersonal compassion and with all others.

3) Inspiring the recognition of shared interests, commonalities of goodness and the message of love inherent to all religious/spiritual teachings.

4) Increasing empathy and communication skills through a “walk in the other person’s shoes” experiences.

5) Producing large scale and worldwide multimedia events that utilize perennial wisdoms to evoke the humanitarian, political and spiritual realization that  “All Are One and Lovingly Connected”.


 Summer of 2008 – PPOE launched the Peace Has Begun campaign designed to reposition the word “Peace” from a noun into a tactical verb the transforms the meaning of peace into actionable activities that address key social issues that impact children, teens, adults, families, schools, cities, communities, and states.  Two broadcast journalists traveled on the bus interviewing people on the streets, civic leaders, national best selling authors, university leaders and famed celebrities to discover their personal pathway to peace and how they apply this daily to make the world a better place and place of peace.


On September 28-29th, 2010 our Medical Mission helped to restore the eye-sight of 40 elderly people.  PPOE Founder, Steve Robertson, lead a medical mission which brought a famed eye surgical team to Saint John’s Eye Hospital in Hebron Palestine.  During this mission PPOE delivered almost $400,000 in Free cataract surgeries to 40 deserving elderly people.



CHRISTMAS EVE (12.24.12)

2012 Bethlehem “Free All” Project Peace On Earth concert from Steve Robertson on Vimeo.

On December 24th Christmas Eve 2012, as part of Project Peace On Earth’s second annual global musical prayer for peace concert from Bethlehem, world famed musicians beamed in their musical prayers for peace to Bethlehem and then sent them out to the world.

The PPOE streaming concert link of 12.24.12 transmission to and from Bethlehem to the world features performances by:

Jon Anderson (lead singer of Yes), Serj Tankian (lead singer of System of a Down), Gary Nicholson (Grammy winning Texas Hall of Fame singer/song writer), Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy winning Native American singer/song writer), Sussan Deyhim (world famed Sufi Singer), Fox Lima (MMX Enigma Social Song singer/song writer), Richard Horowitz (famed film score composer), Itai Desraeli and Hagai (Maetar), Ernest Chapman (lead singer of Team Illuminati based in Nashville), Seay (award winning New Age/ World Music singer/song writer from Nashville), Peter Joseph – edutainment video shorts (“Emergence” and “Spirituality” content contributions from Steve Robertson)

December 25th, 2011 First Annual PPOE Concert from Bethlehem

On December 25th, 2011 almost 80 million homes were reached by our globally telecast musical prayer for peace on Christmas Day from Bethlehem Palestine. Our first worldwide concert accomplished what many said was impossible, a globally telecast concert of Grammy Winning Musicians sending out a sacred musical message of peace to an audience of over 80 million people.  Please watch the PPOE live broadcast on our home page.


  On November 25th, 2011 we brought 1000 Palestinian Refugee Children to the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho.  They were then guided to form the image of the Picasso Peace Dove and spell out the words “Love All”.   The image of the Dove and words “Love All”, which was filmed and shot aerially, sent out a message of love and hope for other children and adults worldwide.  In September 2012 the UN selected this image, out of 800,000 pictures, as one of the 49 most iconic images since the organization’s inception.

12.24.12, Christmas Eve,  in Manger Square Bethlehem, Boy and Girl scout troops lead additional Palestinian youth to participate in forming a human “Peace Symbol and spelling the words “Love All” to send an aerial image message of Christmas love, peace and joy to the world.

 December 31st, 2012, New Years Eve,  as part of a Project Peace On Earth “Free All” peace initiative, hundreds of boy and girl scouts join in solidarity at the Dividing Wall in front of the Israeli guard tower, just next to the famed Entry Gate of the Patriarch in Bethlehem (the historical original road into Bethlehem). Here, the scouts form the message “Free All” and express a continuous image of permanent handprints that send a prayerful plea to all world leaders and the brotherhood of all scouts to bring the Israeli Dividing Wall down and to establish a lasting freedom, justice and peace for all. President Abbas delivers a speech to the boy and girl scouts on the importance and historic significance of their participation in the PPOE “Free All” aerial art initiative. (“Free All” making of video montage and President Abbas speech soon to be released)

PPOE Founder and CEO, Steve Robertson, helps to heal the wall before boy and girl scouts participate in the Free All initiative.


2 Unite All album (released Oct. 30, 2014)


Journalist Tom Rayner’s July 10th, 2014  report of suffering little girl in Gaza Hospital sparks the 2 Unite All benefit album and a global movement of healing for Palestine.

April  1, 2015: RT Worldwide Feature Story on 2 Unite All 

November 5th, 2014 

2 Unite All album release party at Acabar , LA. 


December 8th, 2014 Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorsement



GAZA and Middle East healing and peace benefit album




Project Peace On Earth proudly releases the “2 Unite All” benefit compilation album featuring famed 26 famed Rock Stars and acclaimed Singer/Songwriters/Composers and Grammy winners to support healing and peace in Gaza and the Middle East.   The album is  released to raise funds for urgently required Surgical support, Medical supplies, PTSD therapies and Peace initiatives in Gaza/Palestine and the Middle East. Steve Robertson, the album’s Executive Producer and Ricky Kej, is a Producer.


Ricky just won the 2014 Grammy Award for best New Age album.  His song “Mahatma,” featured on his Grammy winning album “Winds of Samsara,” is also featured on the 2 Unite All album.  The song “Mahatma,” a dedication to the peace work of Mahatma Gandhi, was also written and performed by  Wouter Kellermn, another PPOE Musical Ambassador, who also shared the Grammy win along with Ricky for their “Winds of Samsara” album.  


 2 Unite All Musicians Bios







Peter Gabriel boldly says of his decision to participate in the 2 Unite All album:

“Although I am sure both the Palestinian and Israeli people would benefit enormously from a just and  fair two-state agreement based around the ’67 borders, we have watched the Palestinians subjected to more and more suffering for far too long, especially in Gaza. Meanwhile their long held land is repeatedly stolen by force for illegal settlements. I am not and have never been anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic; I am anti-Israeli government policy, anti-injustice, anti-oppression and anti-occupation.

“There is clearly a growing movement around the world willing to speak out, including my own country’s Parliament. I am happy to be one of these voices now asking the Israeli government, ‘Where is that two state solution you have so long said you wanted?’ and more simply, saying, ‘Enough.’”







Serj Tankian said that “helping to rebuild the lives of Palestinians in Gaza is a necessary and noble worldwide humanitarian prerogative that we must not shy away from. It’s the least we can do for a people that have suffered under an occupation, embargo, and invasion.”







Stewart Copeland (co-Founder of The Police): “Our music may not be able to rebuild homes nor bring back victims of violence, but at least it can soften hearts.”  He continues…“Hard hearts allow violence in the Holy Land and softening up allows persuasion. Even the most flinty realpolitik analysis shows that ‘Kumbaya’ is more credible than ‘They Must Go.’”






Rick Allen of Def Leppard says, “Our world is finally focusing on resolving this conflict. Too many lives have been lost and too many innocent children and families remain perilously injured.” Lauren Monroe, Allen’s wife and songwriting partner, adds, “The beautiful people of Palestine require the world’s immediate medical support. Contributing a song to help bring necessary healing and resources to Gaza was the least Rick and I could do.” Allen concludes, “I’m encouraging all Def Leppard fans to buy a copy of 2 Unite All and support this cause.”







Ricky Kej, 2 Unite All album producer (2014 Grammy Winner for best New Age Album: “Winds of Samsara”) “I just knew how important it was for me, and all people, to help bring awareness and an end to the suffering of the people of the Holy Land,” said 2 Unite All album producer, Ricky Kej







Steve Robertson, PPOE founder and Executive Producer of the album, has conducted several awareness-raising peace projects in Palestine. He says that 2 Unite All was inspired by a report he saw about a young Palestinian girl who was in a coma from the bombing. “The doctors weren’t sure if she would survive, but said if she did regain consciousness, she would learn that her mother, father and sister had all been killed,” says Robertson. “My tears wouldn’t stop and I said to myself, ‘That’s enough. I have to do something now and offer some sort of healing support to the people of Gaza and this Middle East crisis.’”


The 2 Unite All album features:


 2 Unite All Musicians Bios


Peter Gabriel (Six-time Grammy® Winner)
Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Serj Tankian (System of a Down), with Omar Fadel
Rick Allen of Def Leppard, with songwriter Lauren Monroe
Pearl Thompson (The Cure), with Finbar O’Hanlon
Sasha Cooke (Grammy® Winner, Opera)
Gary Nicholson (Grammy® Winner, Country)
Joanne Shenandoah (Grammy® Winner, Native American) with Leah and Diane
Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver & Miriam Stockley of AOMusic
David Arkenstone and Charlee Brooks
Rickie Byars Beckwith
Christoph Bull
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz
The GuruGanesha Band
Lili Haydn
Fritz Heede
Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman
Fox Lima of the Enigma MMX Social Media Song
Ray Lynch
Maetar with Itai and Hagai Disraeli
Gary Malkin with Thich Nhat Hanh and Phap Niem
Hani Naser Band
Elijah Ray and the Band of Light
Riddle the Sphinx with Christiane Cargill Kinney, Burgundy Morgan, Christo Pellani
Kenji Williams of Bella Gaia


The 2 Unite All album has been purchased in the following countries:



Hong Kong























New Zealand

S. Africa





All “2 Unite All” album proceeds support Surgical teams, Medical supplies, PTSD Therapies and a permanent peace solution within Palestine and the Middle East region. The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund  (40%) and UNRWA USA (40%) are the primary beneficiaries of the album proceeds.  Dr. Edward Tick, PTSD therapist, will lead a team into Gaza and the Middle East region on behalf of Project Peace On Earth, who will receive a small portion of album proceeds (20%) for this work and continued peace initiatives with the Middle East region.

Project Peace on Earth (PPOE) is deeply grateful to efforts of Nadia Saah and the entire team at the Institution for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) for their awareness and press related efforts on the 2 Unite All album.

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about what Project Peace On Earth does.  We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.


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